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About Chaturhub

About Us

We are an upcoming e-commerce company that sources top quality, unbranded goods directly from local sellers.
We have invested heavily into building a platform that will help SME sellers become empowered enough to own their consumers and end-users. Our platform helps skilled artisans showcase their work and sell their products at reasonable prices, while consumers get to navigate through a range of high quality products from across India, and buy the same at competitive prices.

How it works

Our Approach

Our sole aim is to identify rich talent which is otherwise bereft of access to the market, and is forced to work behind the scenes for popular brands. We undertake the responsibility of promoting sellers’ stores for increased visibility, and designing banners for various categories laid out by them, on our own accord. We are also in process of making significant investments in warehousing, delivery, technology and marketing in order to become a leading marketplace for SME sellers in India.

Value for Money

Adopting our business model is a cost-effective option for both buyers and sellers. We help local vendors to enter bustling market spaces, advertise their expertise, and earn a profitable living, without having to become job-workers for luxury brands. Similarly, with the help of our e-commerce infrastructure, customers can now own products that have the same finish and utility usually offered by high fashion, luxury brands, without paying exorbitant prices. We also offer discounts and free shipping on products above a certain, minimum value.

Our mission

We plan to tap into tier-2 and tier-3 markets by promoting local sellers’ livelihood, by bringing their skilled craftsmanship to consumers. We believe this is a crucial and a sustainable step towards an Atmanirbhar Bharat, one that supports struggling artisans instead of self-sufficient, dominant establishments.

Seller Accountability

For any questions you may have about your order, our customer service team gets in touch with the seller responsible, on your behalf, so that you are never left in the dark about what you are going to get. We have a comprehensive quality control system in place that filters out any seller that does not meet our standard requirements. This way we take responsibility for the quality and service of the products delivered to you, while also making sure the privacy of our customers is handled with care.

Our close-knit system proves to be a hassle-free and a convenient online shopping and selling experience for its users. For feedback, suggestions, or enquiries about selling and buying, feel free to write to us at

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